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Being a mother, you would always look for fresh cow milk near me for your kids. Your little angels may find excuses every now & then to avoid drinking milk. You must be worried that your kid is missing out on a very healthy part of nutrition by not having enough milk. But, don’t worry at Gau amritam; we deliver fresh cow milk near me which tastes good too. Fresh cow milk near me not only gives your kids strong and healthy bones, but they also aid in your kids’ overall growth and development. Drinking milk every day maintains overall good health for your kids. Here are some innumerable fresh cow milk near me benefits for kids:


1.Keeps healthy teeth:

Milk is so rich in calcium and phosphorus, which are crucial to your kid’s dental health and tooth development. Calcium and phosphorous together helps maintain the health of kid’s teeth. It is especially helpful when your kid’s teeth get exposed to the acids present in the mouth. Protein present in milk helps form a film on kid’s enamel surface and helps prevent the loss of calcium and phosphate, which is why it is recommended to search fresh cow milk near me.

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2. Maintains right level of calcium in the body :

Milk is one of the best sources of calcium that your kid can consume. Calcium prevents childhood obesity and helps reduce unwanted fat from the body. The recommended amount of the daily calcium helps blood clotting & your kid’s nerve signals also work in perfect condition. Calcium also helps release hormones and other chemicals from your kid. Hence, it is recommended to search fresh cow milk near me.

3.Keeps your child hydrated for whole day:

Your kid must drink lots of fluids throughout the day to stay hydrated. And no option is best than fresh cow milk near me. It is really important for kids to remain hydrated after a lot of physical activity. Drinking milk helps your kid’s body to recover.

4. Supplies Vitamin D:

Vitamin D present in cow milk helps your kid’s body to absorb calcium. Vitamin D also helps to reduce inflammation and boosts kid’s immune system. Vitamin D deficiencies escalate various conditions like: osteoporosis in later years or rickets during childhood, so it is must to include fresh cow milk in kids’ daily diet.

5. Supplies vital minerals and vitamins:

Cow milk contains healthy vitamins as well as minerals. They keep your little one active, healthy and strong. The vitamins and minerals present in milk are great for kid’s eyesight too. Carbohydrates present in milk supply adequate energy and prevent your kid from feeling lethargic / tired.

6. Best supplement for kid’s beauty regime:

Fresh cow milk contains protein, which is one of the most elements stimulating your kid’s body and hair repair and growth. Milk provides protein, which helps in your kid’s body repair and growth. It is also useful for hair growth. Hence, it is important to search fresh cow milk near me. The glasses of milk your kid should drink primarily depend on several factors like: age, height and whether she is lactose intolerant or not. Whenever your kid reaches the age of 1 year, you can introduce cow’s milk in his/her diet plan. At the age of 1 -2, 4 cups of milk in a daily diet is must. ] Milk and other dairy products are rich sources of calcium, protein and vital nutrients that are necessary for your kid’s growth and brain development. When your kid does not like to drink milk, you can include other calcium-rich dairy products in her diet. It can include soy milk, cottage cheese, regular cheese, and yogurt.