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Desi Cow Milk Delhi

Even in scientific researches, benefits of cow milk has been proven, which is why popularity of desi cow milk Delhi has been increasing day by day. In earlier days, almost every Hindu family had a cow shelter, and family members were used to feed her nutritious food. Our ancient scriptures and forefathers have always described about importance of cow milk. According to Ayurveda, desi cow milk has cooling, sweet elements which provides soothing effect to our mind, body and soul. It is regarded as a sattvik food in Ayurveda. Let’s talk about the reasons behind growing popularity of Desi Cow Milk Delhi:


1. Cools body and mind:

Our scriptures mention that cow milk has a lot of calming properties and known for its ‘Sat Guna”. It infuses positive energy in the humans and provides nutrition to our vital organs. Scriptures lauded cow milk for its calming properties.

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2. Highly beneficial for pregnant & lactating mothers:

Daily consumption of Desi cow milk Delhi is increasing day by day. Desi milk is must include in diet of pregnant as well as lactating mothers. With cow milk diet, the baby in womb gets proper nourishment and also helps remove tiredness for pregnant ladies. It is a sacred drink post pregnancy too because it assists lactating mothers to produce sufficient milk for the baby.

3. Enhances ojhas:

Delhi residents must consume Desi cow milk Delhi because it helps improve body immunity. It has a lot of nutrients which are beneficial for us to resist dangerous infections and day to day